Grocery 2 Ivory soap 3 packs, 2 Reach floss, 2 Resers potato salad, 1 Natures Own bread, 8 Curad bandages, 9 Reach Barbie toothbrushes,  6  3 Muskateers bars, 12 Twix bars, 1 Bic pens 10ct, 8 Martha White corn muffin mix, 12 Right Guard, and 3 Beggin Strips – all free after doubled coupons at Schnucks. Pom juice, free after doubled coupon at Dierbergs. Deans cottage cheese, free at Dierbergs (clearance price rang up wrong so I got the price back in cash). 3 Cheerios, 1 Cocoa Puffs, 1 French’s mustard, 1 Dole Fruit Crisp, 12 Curad bandages, 1 Arm & Hammer toothpaste, 1 El Monteray chimichanga, 1 Bic pens 10 ct, 1 Wet Ones, 1 Old El Paso cooking sauce, 1 Old El Paso soft tortilla bowls, 1 Mt Olive relish, 1 Reach Barbie toothbrush, 1 Barilla pasta, 2 Martha White cornbread mixes, 1 Natures Own bread, 1 Dukes mayo – all free after Schnucks triple coupons. Stoneyfield yogurt, free after free coupon.

Wags – 3 Reach 2 pack toothbrushes, $3 profit after 3 $2 earned RRs and 3 $2 coupons. Colgate toothpaste – free after $2.50 earned RR and $1 coupon. 2 Glade Decor Scents, $1 profit after $2 earned RR and 2 $2 coupons. 4 Lipton Pure Leaf tea, free after 3 .99 earned RRs. Colgate toothbrush, free after $2.50 earned RR and $1 coupon. Mentos gum, free after $1 coupon.

CVS – 2 Pepsi Next 2 liters, Honest tea, Skinny Cow clusters, FritoLay trail mix, Softsoap – all free after $3 CVS coupon, free Honest and Pepsi coupons ($3 profit),  .35 Softsoap coupon and $2 earned ECB. 2 Colgate, free after $4 ECB and $2 coupon. 2 Starbucks iced coffee, free after 2 $1.50 earned ECB. Milk and trail mix, free after gift card earned from My Points.

Walgreens – 2 Reach 2 pack toothbrushes, $2 profit after 2 $2 coupons and 2 $2 earned RRs.  2 Colgate, .75 profit after $1 and .75 coupons and 2 $2.50 earned RRs. 3 Starbucks Refreshers, free after $1 catalina and 3 $1 RRs. 2 Gum toothbrush 2 packs, $1 profit after $1 coupon and 2 $2.49 RRs. Reach toothbrush, free after $1 coupon and $2 earned RR. 2 Reach 2 pack toothbrushes, free plus $2 profit after 2 $2 coupons and 2 $2 earned RR.

Grocery – Stouffers entree, free after coupon from Stouffers Dinner Club rewards. 6 Green Giant veggie chips, 8 Chex Mix, 4 Crest, 1 Colgate, 2 Dr Pepper Ten 2 liters, 1 7Up Ten 2 liter, 1 Canada Dry 2 liter, 6 Curad bandages, 1 Sugar Twin packets, 1 Frenchs Dijon mustard, 1 Edwards pie single, 1 Ivory soap 3 pack, 1 Friskies cat treats, 1 Reynolds Baking Cups – all free after Super Double coupons (also 14 cans of Dole pineapple for .05 each).  Uncle Sam cereal, free after free coupon from magazine. $10 in free groceries from SNS $10/$50 day. 4 pack of brats, free after $2 Schnucks coupon. 4 Beechnut Fruities, .05 each after 4 $1 coupons. 2 Lloyds BBQ singles, free after 2 $1 coupons. Fancy Feast cat food can, free after B3G1 coupon. 3 packs of brats and salsiccia, less than .07 each after 3 $2 Schnucks coupons.

Target – $10 in gift cards for $50 purchase including Friskies. 2 Vlasic Farmers Harvest pickles,  $1.56 profit after 2 free coupons. Reach floss, free plus .08 profit after $1 coupon.

Office Max – Pack of 4 Sharpie highlighters, free after free coupon.

Mail/internet – Iced tea, free after QT coupon. Qdoba entree with purchase of $30 gift card. Mocha frappacino at Starbucks. Pastry at Panera. Corn dog and donut at QT.  Purina One dog food, Sheba cat food and 2 Green Green chips samples .  2 Quarter Pounders at McDonalds with free coupons earned from My Coke Rewards. $100 Pay Pal cash from $9 Pay Pal cash from Pinecone Research. $10 CVS gift card from My Points. All You magazine free subscription from My Coke Rewards.

I participate in a few online survey sites and rewards programs to earn prizes. My current totals and what prizes I’m saving for:, 8XX – saving  for gift cards. I have redeemed Swagbucks for $80 credit, a $50 Southwest gift card, $760 cash through Pay Pal and $26.50 donation to Red Cross., 7XX – saving for restaurant or store gift cards. So far I have redeemed points for $205  in gift cards., $15.XX – saving for gift cards or magazines. So far I’ve earned 3 $25 Target gift cards, 4 $25 Macys gift cards, 1 $25 Starbucks gift card, $15 in Borders Bucks and a magazine subscription.

Coke Rewards, 1XX – saving for coupons, magazines or gift cards. I’ve redeemed points for 18 free Coke coupons, a $25 Best Buy gift card, a $5 McDonalds gift card, a $10 Dominos gift card and 2 free Quarter Pounder coupons.

Walgreens Balance Rewards, 16,500 – earning points to be redeemed like cash at Walgreens.

Pinecone Research – I receive Pay Pal cash for doing online surveys. I’ve earned $261 so far and reviewed 3 free products.

Opinion Outpost, $12.XX – earning PayPal cash or credit for doing online surveys. I’ve earned $350.50 so far.

Office Depot Worklife Rewards.  I’ve earned nearly $257 in Rewards which I’ve used to purchase printer cartridges, an answering machine, printer paper, office supplies, a computer chair, storage boxes, paper towels, wipes, phone line cord and and 2 computer mice. I also get $2 for every empty cartridge I return for recycling.

OfficeMax Rewards.  Last year I earned $76.77 in rewards which I used to help pay for a new laptop. This year I earned $74 which I used to buy printer ink, a wireless mouse and miscellaneous items.

Best Buy Rewards.  I’ve earned $65 in gift cards earned from purchases and Facebook activities.

Discover Card cashback bonus, $129.XX – saving for gift cards or merchandise. In the past year I have cashed in for $80 in Shell gift cards, a $20 Discover gift card, and a Redi Set Go grill and a CD., 2XXX – saving for gift cards, coupons or magazine subscriptions. I’ve redeemed points for a Good Housekeeping subscription, All You magazine subscription, 2 Honest tea coupons, a free McDonalds smoothie coupon, a $10 Walmart gift card and a $10 Applebees gift card.

Ipsos (formerly Synovate), 200 points – saving for credit or Pay Pal cash and occasionally receive a product to review. I’ve cashed in points for $45 and received 6 free products to review.

Kelloggs Family Rewards, 2200 points – saving for a Kelloggs reusable grocery bag.

Daily Feats, 1200 points – saving for gift cards.

Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards, 182 – saving for coupons.

Pampers Gifts to Grow, 8XX – saving for bath markers. I redeemed 850 points for tugboat bath toys and received a free $10 Babies R Us gift card!

Tropicana Juicy Rewards, 45 – saving for coupons and Redbox DVD rentals.

Stouffers Dinner Club, 190 – saving for coupons. I’ve redeemed points for 9 free meal coupons.

Lean Cuisine rewards, 540 – saving for coupons. I recently redeemed 500 points for a free entree coupon.

Qdoba, 600 – saving for free entrees.

Famous Footwear Rewards, 70 – saving for FF discounts.

Hallmark Crown Rewards, 90 – saving for Hallmark discounts.

Disney Movie Rewards, 35X – saving for gift cards, coupons or DVDs. I’ve  redeemed points for 2 free Pop Secret popcorn coupons and a $10 Starbucks gift card.

Papa John’s, 10 – I’ve earned 3 free pizzas using special codes and promo

Grocery – 2 Beechnut Fruities, free after 2 $1 coupons.  Pure Leaf tea, .05 after .95 coupon.  Land O Lakes spread, free after free coupon. Purina One cat food can, .04 after free coupon. 2 Lloyds BBQ singles, free after 2 $1 coupons. International Delights coffee creamer, free after free coupon. 3 Beechnut Fruities, Baileys creamer, Chicken of the Sea tuna, Nature’s Own bread, 3 Curad bandages, Wet Ones, Frenchs mustard, 3 Crest toothpastes, Van Kamps beans, Quaker Popped snacks, Vlasic pickles, Wishbone dressing, and Marashun Yokisoba noodles – free after triple coupons at Schnucks. Straubs quart ice cream, free after Straubs Facebook coupon.

Walgreens – Calagel lotion, free after $5 earned RR.  Breathe Right strips, $1 profit after $4 earned RR and $1 coupon.

CVS – U by Kotex liners, free after CVS coupon. Milk gallon and Munchos chips, free after $4 in ECBs and birthday club coupon.

Mail/internet – $50 Pay Pal earned from $10 Pay Pal earned from Opinion Outpost. $25 Macys e-card earned from e-Rewards. $5 McDonalds gift card earned from My Coke Rewards. Suave shampoo and Fancy Feast samples. Bathmat from JC Penney using internet code.  Dunkin Donuts iced coffee from birthday club coupon. Honest Tea free coupon from Twitter. Pepsi Next free coupon from Facebook. 2 Qdoba entrees free after B1G1 coupon and gift card. Pastry from Panera birthday club.

Walgreens – 2 U by Kotex tampons, free after 2 $2 coupons and 2 earned $2 RRs. Oral B toothbrush, free after $1 coupon and $2 earned RR. Nexcare bandages, .55 profit after .55 coupon and earned $3.50 RR. Zyrtec 5 ct, free after $6 coupon. Planters Nut-rition spread, $1.23 profit after $1 coupon and earned gift card in lieu of RR.

CVS – 2 Zyrtec 5 ct, free after 2 $6 coupons.  2 Hershey bars, free after B1G1 coupon and .99 CVS coupon.

Petco – 3 cans Friskies cat food, free after 3 free coupons. Hills Ideal Balance cat food bag, free after $12.59 rebate.

Grocery – Tostitos dip, free after coupon for buying 2 Tostitos chips.

Mail/internet – $75 PayPal earned from  Several free magazines. All You magazine subscription earned from 3 free products to review from Ipsos Research.

Resturants – KFC boneless meal, free after B1G1 coupon.

Donations – 4 bags of personal care items donated to Girls Scouts April Showers program. 2 bags of food items donated to Kingdom House.

Dierbergs 030313

Schnucks 030313

Schnucks and Dierbergs 030513


Schnucks and Dierbergs 032113

Grocery – 4 Velvetta Skillets (donated), 4 Kraft mayo (donated), 6 Sunbird seasoning packets (donated), 4 S&W beans (donated), 2 Nesquik, 4 Post Sesame Street cereal (donated),  Activia yogurt, 8 Hormel Compleats meals (donated), Canada Dry Ten 2 liter, Green Giant veggie chips, 2 Stride gum, 2 Martha White cornbread mix, 2 Del Monte Fruit Naturals, 2 Pepperidge Farms frozen bread, Juicy Juice 8 pack, Synders Dipped Pretzel Sandwiches, 2 Hungry Jack hash browns, 2 Simplait yogurt, 1 pound ground sausage (.07), 6 French’s Dijon Mustard (donated), 4 Dole pineapple (.30 profit after catalina), 2 Duncan Hines Flavor Creations packets, Frenchs French Fried Onions, 3 Curad bandages, 2 Snickers, 2 M&Ms, 4 Campbells Skillet Sauce (donate),  – all free at Schnucks and Dierbergs after double and triple coupons. 1/4 pound deli swiss cheese, .08 after $2 rebate.

Walgreens – 4 Starbucks iced coffees, free after 4 .99 earned RRs.  2 Poise wipes, $2 profit after 2 $3 coupons and $4 Walgreens coupon. 2 John Freida hair spray, free after $3/2 coupon. 2 8×10 photo collages, free after free internet codes. Sure and Brut deodorants, free after 2 $1 coupons and 2000 earned Balance Rewards points. Mtn Dew Kickstart, free after .99 earned RR. Canada Dry Ten 2 liter, free after $1 earned RR.

Target – 2 Bic Silky Touch 10 ct razors, free after 2 $3 coupons.

CVS – Paas easter egg decorating kit, free after $1.99 earned ECB.

Mail/internet – Fiber One bar, Dentastix, and Cheerios Medley samples. Free item to test from Ipsos survey.

Walgreens – 2 Poise wipes, free after 2 free coupons. 2 Mitchum deodorants, free after $4 earned RR and 2 $1 coupons. Suave shampoo, free after free coupon. 2 Colgate, free after 2 .50 coupons and 2 $3 earned RR. 2 Poise wash, $1.02 profit after $10 in coupons.

CVS – Colgate, free after $2.50 CVS coupons and .50 coupon. 2 Crest toothpastes, .66 profit after 2 earned $3 ECBs. Poise Freshners, $1 profit after $4 in coupons and $1 earned ECB. Gain detergent, $3.40 profit after .40 coupon, $3 earned ECB and rebate. Thermacare heat wrap, free after $3.40 earned ECB.

Grocery – 2 Minute Rice (doanted), Philly Cooking Cream, Riceland rice, 2 Quaker Perfect Portions oatmeal (donated), 2 Maruchan Yakisoba, Pepsi Next 2 liter (donated), 2 Stride gum, Green Giant chips, 3 Curad bandages (donated), Lipton tea bags, 2 Beechnut baby cereals (d0nated), and $10 in other groceries, all free after triple coupons and $10 store discount. Quaker Real Medleys oatmeal cup, free after rebate. Dierbergs buns, free with purchase of 2 Hormel Sandwich Makers. 2 Beechnut Fruties (donated), free after 2 $1 coupons. $5 free groceries after Facebook coupon at Straubs.

Mail/internet – Tide Pods and Purina One dog food samples. $4 refund check. $75 PayPal from 2 Cheerios Medleys samples. 3 Disney DVDs from Cheerios boxes. Food Should Taste Good tortilla chips sample.

CVS – 4 Tresemme travel size shampoos, free after CVS coupons. 4 Stayfree (donated), $1.40 profit after B1G1 sale and 2 B1G1 coupons. Good N Natural bar (donated), free after free coupon. $2.50 earned ECBs from fall spending and bag tag. 2 Thermacare and 1 Centrum, $2 profit after $9 in coupons, $4 earned ECB and $6 rebate. Reese peanut butter egg, free after B1G1 sale.

Walgreens – Cracker Jack’D (donated), free after $1.45 earned RR. Neosporin Essentials pack, $4 profit after $2 Walgreens coupon, $2 manufacturers coupon and rebate. 2 Quaker Yogurt bars, free after $1/2 coupon. 2 Lipton tea, free after 2 $1 earned RR. Good N Natural bar (donated), free after free coupon. 2 Lindsey olives, free after 2 $1 coupons.

Grocery – 2 Yoplait yogurt, 2 Hungry Jack hash browns, 2 Band Aids, Crest toothpaste , free after tripled coupons at Schnucks. 15 boxes Purina One Beyond cat food, free after 15 free coupons at Dierbergs. Ground sausage, .07 after $2 coupon. Jingos, Bushs beans, 2 Kikkoman soy sauce, Activia yogurt, 2 Suave deodorants, 2 Chapstick, 3 Baileys creamers, 2 Canada Dry 10 2 liters, 2 Hormel Completes (donated), 2 Mahatma saffron rice (donated), 2 Wholly Guacamole (donated)- all free after triple and double coupons at Dierbergs and Schnucks.

Target – Poise wash, free after $3 coupon.

Mail/internet – $50 cash from $30 from Velvetta Au Gratin potatoes.

Target – $100 worth of groceries and toys, free plus $7.58 coupon profit after gift card won from Kimberly-Clark. Cuties juice bottle, free after free coupon. 4 Glade candles and Hanes sweatpants, free after $15 in earned gift cards. 2 Friskies cat treats (donated), free plus $4.54 profit after coupons.

Schnucks – Tortilla Land tortillas, free after free coupon.  2 lbs sausage, .10 after $4 Schnucks coupons. 3 Quaker Medleys oatmeal cups (donated), 6 boxes Jell-O gelatin (donated 3), 4 Suave deodorants and 2 Suave shampoo (donated) – free after triple coupons. 2 Hormel Compleats, 4 Kraft cheese, cranberries, 4 Durkee seasonings, 4 Blistex, 4 Beechnut Fruties (donated), 2 Reach Flossers, 2 packs Bic pens, 2 Silk Fruit & Protein, 2 Stayfree (donated) – free plus $1 overage after double coupons.

Dierbergs – 2 Campbell Skillet Sauce pouches, Frenchs Dijon mustard, and Pure Via packets – free after double coupons.

Dollar Tree – 3 Brut bar soaps (donated), free after 3 $1 coupons.

Petco – 2 Benefuls dog food bowls (donated) and 2 Friskies cat food cans, free after Petco coupons. 2 bags Canyon Creek Ranch dog food (donated), free after 2 $10 coupons.

Petsmart – 2 Friskies cat treats (donated) and 2 cat toys, free after Petsmart coupons for buying Friskies canned food.

Walgreens – 2 Colgate toothpastes, $1.50 profit after 2 $2.50 earned RRs and $1.50 coupons. 2 Clear shampoo (donated), free after 4000 earned points, $2 earned RR and 2 $2 coupons. Tums Freshers, $1 profit after $1 coupon and $4.50 earned RR. 5×7 enlargement, free after promo code.

Macys – 6 pack of socks, free after gift card earned from e-Rewards.

Mail/internet – Betty Crocker potatoes, Cascadian Farms granola and Excedrin Migraine samples. McDonalds and Dominos gift cards from  Panera gift card from $10 Applebees gift card from $200 cash from

Grocery – $75 in groceries, free after tripled coupons at Schnucks and Dierbergs  $5 in groceries, free after Straubs coupon. Welchs Chillers juice, free for buying 2 Welchs sparkling juice.

CVS – 2 Dry Idea deodorant, free after B1G1 sale, $3/2 coupon and $1 CVS coupon.  Starbucks Refresher, Starbucks Double Shot, Carmex, Charmin, Nips, Kraft mac & cheese, Coke, Powerade, Hot Wheels car, Cepacol, Kleenex, Scooby Doo snacks, Advil, Thermacare, South Beach bars, 2 Right Guard deodorants, Play Doh and Command hook – all free plus $1.55 profit after coupons and earned ECBs. 3 Milky Ways, Cheerios, CVS batteries, Phillips ear buds, GUM toothbrushes – all free + .25 profit after coupons and earned ECBs.

Walgreens – 8×10 photo collage and 8×10 enlargement, free after promo codes. GUM toothbrushes, Thermacare wrap, Herbal Essence shampoo, Crest toothpaste, 2 packs of Scunci hairbands, Cepacol, Carmex and Advil PM – all free + $2.05 profit after coupons and earned RRs.